How to Add a Sync Page


ProProfs Knowledge Base enables you to make one page appear at multiple locations through the Sync Page setting. If you have an article relevant to various folders, you can use Sync Page to add it to every folder.


Sync Page facilitates central editing, so you don’t have to worry about updating the page in every folder. You can edit the page in one folder, and the changes will automatically appear across other locations.


In the below example, we have synced the Awards Page in one folder with the Awards of Excellence Page in another folder.


Awards of Excellence Page in one folder synced with Awards page in a different folder


How to Add a Sync Page


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account,


  • Hover over to the page name, click the gear icon, or right-click.

  • Click Sync Page.


Open Page Settings and click Sync Page


Step 2: A window listing all published pages will appear. Select the page you want to create a synced copy of, then click Save.


Select the page to sync with other page


Step 3: You can now see a new page link in the TOC with the same title as the chosen page. To complete the sync, Click and Drag the synced page, in this case, “Awards,” and drop it on the desired page title in the TOC; here,

Awards of Excellence.


Drag the synced link of Awards page and drop it at the Awards of Excellence page


Another way you can do that is by simply clicking Add New and selecting Sync Page. A new window will appear, listing all the published pages.


Select the page you wish to create a synced copy of, then click Save.


Add a sync page


That is all about adding a sync page.



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