How to Add a Sync Page


Manage your Knowledge base with the "Sync Page" feature for similar content updates across multiple sections or articles. Follow the instructions in the help article below to achieve uniformity throughout your articles, enhancing the authoring experience.


In the example shown, we have successfully linked the 'Creating an Account' page in one folder with the 'Awards of Excellence' page in a different folder.


sync page example


By using the Sync Page feature, you'll be able to:


  • Edit a page in one location and view the changes automatically across all synced locations, eliminating the need to manually update each instance.
  • Reduce the time and effort required to ensure content consistency across multiple sections or articles within your Knowledge Base.



How to Add a Sync Page


Step 1: Access Sync Page Settings 


  • Hover over the desired page name and click the gear icon.

  • Select "Sync Page" from the options.


sync page option


Step 2: A window listing all published pages will appear. Choose the page you want to sync and click "Save."


sync page options


Step 3: Complete the Sync process

  • Look for a new page link in the Table of Contents (TOC) with the chosen page's title.
  • Drag the synced page (e.g., "Awards") and drop it onto the desired page title in the TOC, like "Awards of Excellence."



Drag the synced link of Awards page and drop it at the Awards of Excellence page


Alternative Method:

  • Click "Add New" and choose "Sync Page."
  • A window appears, listing published pages. Select the page to sync and click "Save."


alternate sync page option


You've successfully added a Sync Page in ProProfs Knowledge Base. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team



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