How to Create a Knowledge Base


Create and manage multiple help webpages on your website with ProProfs Knowledge Base. Each help site can have its color theme, CSS, domain name, and other features.


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Benefits of creating a knowledge base:


  • Customers who prefer self-service can find answers to their questions on their own
  • Fewer tickets for common questions will allow the customer support team to focus on more pressing issues


Here's a preview of how the site will appear in a web browser:


Online knowledge base


To Create a Knowledge Base


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites > Create New.


Creating a new help site


Step 2: In the create new site dialog, choose a method to build your knowledge base. You can choose one from the three available options based on your requirements:

1. New Site: You can build a fresh knowledge base from scratch or use our ready-made templates to edit. 

2. New Site Version: You can leverage the version control feature to modify your knowledge base based on updates in the UI/UX of your product. Learn More.

3. Multi-Branded Site: You can retain the look & feel of your existing knowledge base to maintain consistence across your help centers. Learn More.


select new site


Step 2.1: When you select "New Site," you are redirected to the page where you can pick a template to preview/edit or click Create to start creating your knowledge base from scratch. 


Here we will create a site from scratch. Enter the URL and site name in the following dialog and finish the creation process.


Creating a knowledge base from scratch


Step 3: After creating the new site, you can start configuring different aspects of your help site. When you're done, you can preview your site to see how it is going to look.


To get you started, we provide two sample pages in a sample folder.


Customize and preview your site




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