How to Add Content Snippets


ProProfs Knowledge Base lets you place content snippets (small pieces of customizable content) anywhere on your help site pages. The main advantage of using content snippets is that you can place them at different locations on your website without repeatedly writing the exact text.


Here's a preview of a content snippet added to a knowledge article:


Content Snippet Preview


Benefits of using a content snippet:

  • Write once, and use it everywhere

  • Easy text addition across sites

  • Edit the snippet once, and the changes will reflect across all instances where it is placed.

  • Ensures site-wide uniformity


In this article, you’ll learn:



How to Create a Content Snippet


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, go to +New > Content Snippet.


add content snippet in knowledge base


Step 2: Enter the required fields and click Save. Use the advanced toolbar to access additional editing options and design your snippet.


Edit your content snippet


Note: Select” Available for all sites” if you want to make this Content Snippet available for all your ProProfs sites. Else, keep this unchecked if you want it to be available for a specific page only.


All the Content Snippets appear in a list like this:


Content Snippet Table


 How to Insert a Content Snippet on a Webpage


Step 1: Open the page in editor mode.


Step 2: Place your cursor where you want to add the content snippet. Click Insert > Content Snippet in the advanced toolbar.


Place the cursor at appropriate location and insert the content snippet


Step 3: Select the snippet tag and click Insert.


content snippet list


Step 4: The content snippet code appears in the editor. Save the page and preview the snippet. To publish the snippet, click Update.


Content Snippet Added to the Webpage


If your page is not published, click Save Draft and then Preview. Click Publish to take the changes live.



Below is a full-page preview of how the content snippet appears on your page when published.


Here's a full-page preview of a live content snippet


How to Edit or Delete a Content Snippet


  • Click Preview > Content Snippet.




To edit a content snippet:


  • Select the content snippet.

  • Edit the content and click Save.


Edit a content snippet


To delete a content snippet:


  • Select the content snippet and click Delete.


Delete a content snippet


You have successfully removed the content snippet from the list.


Alternatively, you can use Merge Tags to create dynamic tags once and reuse them across articles. 


That is all about Content Snippets.



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