How to View & Manage My Account


In the ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can access account details to learn about your existing plan and other essential account information. The “My Account” section allows you to upgrade/downgrade your current subscription plan.


Here’s what the “My Account” page looks like:


Preview of My Account section


This page overviews your accounts, such as your current plan, the number of users, pages, sites, and storage. You can keep a tab on all this critical information in one place.


How to View & Manage My Account


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, go to Settings > My Account.


Go to My Account under Settings


Step 2: The Manage Account screen shows the most important info about your account, such as Account ID, Company Name, Plan, Status, and more.

Click Edit to make changes to your company name and the website URL.


Click Edit to make changes


Note: If you are on a lower-price plan or free trial, you will see the upgrade button on this page, as shown in the below screenshot.


Click Upgrade to change subscription plan


Step 2.1: You will see the following screen when you click Edit. Here, you can enter your company name and website URL. Don’t forget to click Save to finalize your changes


Modify account s\details and Save


Step 2.2: You will be redirected to our pricing page when you click Upgrade. Here, you can compare and choose the best plan for you


That is all about the My Account section in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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