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Suggestions provide you with all the necessary data you need to improve your knowledge base effectively. It categorizes reports under different sections, such as the most liked articles and popular help pages. It also notifies about the pages with poor ratings.


Here's how you can access suggestions:


Log in to your knowledge base admin account and navigate to the "Reports" tab. Select 'Suggestions' from the vertical menu.


Go to Suggestions on the Left pane


Poorly Rated Articles: The report lists poorly rated articles in descending order of their ratings. It helps in identifying articles with an immediate requirement for improvement. You can view the articles directly from the table by clicking the preview icon.


Poorly rated articles


Popular Articles You Can Extend Further: The section gives you a list of the articles popular among readers and you can extend them further. 


What popular article should I extend further?


Most Liked Articles: A list of articles arranged in order of the number of 'Up Votes' received.


Most liked articles


Popular Articles: Articles are listed in ascending order of their popularity with 'Up Votes,' 'Down Votes, ' and 'Reads.' You can also download the data, preview the articles and view the report in reverse order.


What are my popular articles?


Comments received on articles: The sections gives you a bird's-eye view of comment types and feedback left by your visitors. You can download this report for better record-keeping and article improvement plans. 


What are customers saying about articles?


That is all about suggestions in ProProfs Knowledge Base Reports.



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