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Reports on users and groups provide detailed information on the activities and contributions of individual users and the groups they belong to. These reports include data on user logins and their contributions to the help center as a whole.


Here's how to access the reports on users and groups:


Log in to your knowledge base admin account and navigate to the "Reports" tab. Select "Users & Groups" from the vertical menu.


Reports on Users & Groups


 Contribution: The report provides data for the authors' activities, such as the number of articles created, total "Up Votes" and "Down Votes," number of reads on their articles, etc. You can download this data by clicking the download (arrow) button.


Users contribution


 Logins: The report lists all the authors in order of their most recent logins, so you can see which authors are active.


User log-in Information


You can click on the "Time" icon under the "Timesheet" column to access the timesheet of an author and check the timings of their logins and logouts for the last 30 days.


Timesheet of an author


Note: If a user logs in but directly closes the tab instead of logging out, no log-out time and total hours will be recorded.


Who has never logged in?- Check the list of users who have never accessed the knowledge base.


Users who have never logged in


Who viewed the articles most?- The section provides the list of authors based on their viewing activity in the Knowledge Base.


Users who view the articles the most


Who viewed which article the most? - The section lists the authors based on their most viewed articles. 


Who viewed which article the most?


Group List - The section lists groups based on the activity of its members in the Knowledge Base,


Group List


User List - The section lists users and their related info according to their activities in the Knowledge Base account.


User list


That is all about authors in ProProfs Knowledge Base Reports.



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