The content reports provide data related to all the articles in the knowledge base. You can view data for new articles created, popular articles, and most liked articles.


Here's how to access the content reports:


Log in to your knowledge base admin account. Navigate to "Reports" and select "Content" from the vertical menu.


Open Content Reports


How many knowledge base articles were created?- It provides data for the new articles created within your selected period. You can view this data in daily, weekly or monthly format.


Graph showcasing New Knowledge Base articles created


Which articles were recently created?- It provides a list of newly added titles in the knowledge base along with creation date and author. You can sort the data


Titles and other info of recently created articles


Which articles are in Draft mode?- The section provides the list of articles currently in draft mode to give you a bird's-eye view.


Articles in Draft Mode


How many knowledge base articles were modified?- It is a graphical representation of the number of articles modified by authors. You can view it in daily, weekly, & monthly formats.


Number of modified articles


Which articles were recently modified?- It provides the article titles, the modification date, the author name, and a preview button to give you a comprehensive overview of changes.


Recently modified pages


How many files did the users download?- It is a graphical representation of the number of files users downloaded from the help articles. The data is for public and private knowledge base users. 


The number of files the users download


What files are users downloading?- It provides a list of users and the file they downloaded, along with the date and the article name where the file was present.


Take a look at the files users are downloading for a given time period


Which pages are expiring in the next 30 days?- It provides the page titles set to be unpublished in the next 30 days from the present day.


Pages Expiring in the next 30 days


Broken Links in Knowledge Base- The section shortlists every broken link in your knowledge base to be fixed.


List of broken links to be fixed

How are groups performing?- The section showcase information about user groups covering the number of users, number of pages, and page views.

Groups Data


That is all about content reports in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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