Reports display graphs and tabular data, giving you an overview of your Knowledge Base activity. The data is intended to help you optimize your content management strategy and improve its efficiency. The summary report answers all prominent questions related to your Knowledge Base and enables you to analyze your team's performance.


Here's how you can access the summary report:


Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base admin account and navigate to the "Reports" tab. Summary is the default report that loads up.


The summary report displays data for number of reads for all articles, searches in the knowledge base, number of failed searches, number of articles created, etc. You can click the appropriate button to view a detailed report of the mentioned data, and also view the summary report for a particular period by clicking the calendar icon to select the dates.


Total Reads: It is a graphical representation that shows you how many reads the knowledge base received. You can select to view data for daily, weekly, or monthly format. 



Most Read Articles: It is a tabular representation of data listing your knowledge base articles/pages in descending order of the number of reads. You can download this data by clicking the "download" button and also view any article on the list by clicking the "preview" button. 



Total Searches: Graphical representation of data for total searches in the knowledge base. You can select to view the data for daily, weekly, or monthly format.



Keywords: A list of all the keywords that your users searched in the knowledge base. You can download this data by clicking the download icon. This data helps you in understanding your users' needs and what they are looking for. 



Failed Searches: This section of the summary report shows you how many failed searches were recorded in your knowledge base and also lists the keywords which lead to the failed searches. You can use this data to consider adding new articles related to the failed searches. 



New Articles: This section shows you data for new articles created and also which of your authors created which article. You can download this data by clicking the download button.



What is a Knowledge Base and How It Works





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