How to Delete a Site


Learn how to delete a site in your ProProfs Knowledge Base account. 


Use Case: Imagine you want to declutter your knowledge base by removing an outdated site and its associated content permanently.




  • Streamline your ProProfs Knowledge Base by eliminating unnecessary sites.
  • Free up storage space by removing obsolete pages, CSS, images, and data associated with the deleted site.


To Delete a Site


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, navigate to Sites and select "Manage sites" from the dropdown menu.



Step 2:  Look for the site you want to delete and click the delete icon corresponding to the site URL. Select "Yes" in the prompt action window to proceed the action.



Deleting a site is irreversible and will permanently erase all associated content. There is no undo function.

You have successfully deleted the site from your ProProfs Knowledge Base account. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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