Dashboard Overview


The Dashboard is the first page you arrive on when you log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account. This page further branches out to all the relevant options and settings that you require to manage your help sites, account, users, and more.


When you log in, this is how your dashboard appears, as shown in the screenshot below.


Knowledge Base dashboard


The major components of the dashboard are:


Then on the far right, you will find the following (below the search bar):


For more settings


Let's take a look at each option individually:

+ Add New: Add several elements such as a new page, folder, tooltip, and content snippet. You can also sync pages, toggle content, and merge tags.


Add new elements in Knowledge Base


Preview: This option allows you to preview the Home page of your help site. Additionally, you have the following options as well:

  • View Restrictions: You can set restrictions on your users for accessing your help site depending on their roles and responsibilities.
  • View Pages: You can view the pages listed in the Table of Content.

Furthermore, you can create and view tooltips, content snippets, and merge tags.


Preview your help site in the knowledge base


Sites: This option allows you to create and manage your help sites. You can also navigate between multiple help sites from here.

  • + Help Site: Create a new help site.
  • + Multi Branding Site: Create multiple sites that lead to the same help site.
  • Manage Sites: Edit, copy and delete help sites.


Manage help sites in the knowledge base


Files: You can upload and store files such as images, PDFs, and docs.


Upload files in the knowledge base


Settings: It has everything to enable you to manage your help sites, account, and users. You can customize the table of content, page footer, export help sites as PDF, import HTML files as help sites, etc. You can recover deleted pages from the vault, add help widgets, and add chat to your help site to assist customers. You can even integrate software such as Zendesk, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more.


Knowledge base settings


Reports: Check the performance of your help sites. For example, the number of times your articles have been read, how many searches did your articles appear in, etc.


Table of Content: The table of content displays the tree hierarchy of the pages, folders, and subfolders for the help site. From the table of content, editors can navigate, reorder, edit and customize pages, folders, and subfolders.


Table of Content


Revision History and Pop Up: You can track the revision history of your help sites and the Home page. Create Pop ups and Lightboxes for displaying helpful content to your site visitors and customers.


Revision history of help sites in the knowledge base


Delete Page: This will delete the current page. A confirmation message will appear that you must confirm that you want to delete.


Note: Pages are not permanently deleted. The page will be moved to the vault. You can either delete the page permanently or restore the page.

Delete a Page


Tab View: Users can easily browse for pages in the table of contents and open them up in separate tabs. Each tab will display a distinct page.


Tab View

A confirmation message will appear that you must confirm that you want to change the view. Click on Yes.


Save as PDF: Users can download the whole help site into PDF. 


Download help site into PDF


Edit Account: This option allows user to edit Name, Email, Role, Language, and Timezone. Users can enable or disable Auto Save option as per their preference. Also from here, users can change password





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