How to View Your Invoices


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to view and access all your invoices to keep track of your all your purchases made on your Knowledge Base.


NOTE: You can only view your invoices when logged in through an administrator account.


Invoices for Knowledge Base lets you 


  • Keep a legal and professional bonding with your customers

  • Remind the due date for your subscription


How to View your Invoices


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account as an administrator.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > My Account in your dashboard. 


kb settings


Step 3:  Go to View invoices and click the link.


kb invoice link


Step 4: Under Action, click “View Details.”


view invoice details


Your invoice details will be displayed to you.


That is all about viewing your invoices in ProProfs Knowledge Base.





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