Introduction to Contextual Help


Contextual help is integrated assistance to your help site, making an easy-to-read experience for your Knowledge Base. It guides users on what a specific feature does or what an input field means. Contextual help will answer questions directly in your product without going through your entire help documentation.


Here is how the Contextual help benefits you:


  • Explain something that is not self-explanatory or intuitive.

  • Provide more information about an item, such as a “Learn more” or “What’s this” link.

  • Get users started using your website or application.

  • Guide users on certain functionality features or provide a quick video tour.


In this article, you will learn:


  1. What is a Lightbox?

  2. What is a Popup?

  3. What is a Tooltip?


What is a Lightbox?


Lightboxes are great for displaying help content. Lightboxes are not pop-ups; rather, they are overlays on the current page. Sites like Facebook and Amazon make heavy use of lightboxes to display content. You can turn any page in ProProfs into a lightbox and embed it on your website or web app. Follow this guide to learn how to use lightboxes.


Here is how the Lightbox appears on your help page


Lightbox in knowledge base


What is a Popup?


A pop-up a small window that suddenly “pops up" in the foreground of the page. You can turn any ProProfs page into a pop-up and easily add it to your own website or web app. Follow this guide to learn how to use pop-ups. 


Here is how a Popup appears on your help page


popup in knowledge base


What is a Tooltip?


A tooltip is an overlay that displays a brief description. A tooltip will appear when the user hovers their cursor over a link, providing hints or tips. Unclear input fields in web forms are perfect for tooltips. ProProfs makes it easy to create and manage dynamic tooltips and generates a small code snippet you add to your website or web app. Follow this guide to learn how to use tooltips.


Here is how a tooltip appears on your help page:

tooltip in knowledge abse



And here is how a tooltip with an image appears:


toolotip with an image


That is all about Contextual help.



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