View, Edit, and Delete Tooltips


The Tooltip Help button opens a table of all tooltips and provides tools to manage them. From the table, you can view, edit, and delete tooltips. You can also search to find tooltips quickly.


View All Tooltips


To view all tooltips, do the following:

  • Click on Tooltip Help in the main toolbar.


  • New Tooltip - This button will display options for you to create a new tooltip.
  • Delete - This button will delete your selected tooltips by checking them. No trash can exists for tooltips. Deleting tooltips will permanently delete them.


Above the table of tooltips, on the right-hand side, is a search box where you can enter words to search in the tooltips. The table will refresh to display all tooltips matching your search words.

To clear a search, press the X icon in the search box.

Table Columns

The table of tooltips contains the following columns:

  • [ ] – This check box, when clicked (checked), selects that particular tooltip to be deleted.
  • Tooltip Name - Clicking the name of a tooltip will open the tooltip in the window used to create it.  Here you can edit it and save the changes. ProProfs will instantly update those changes to the tooltip on your website.
  • Description -  This column offers a description of the tooltip.
  • Preview - Hovering the mouse cursor over the word View will preview that tooltip as your users will see it.
  • Date - This column shows the date the tooltip was first created or the date the tooltip was last modified. The table will be sorted from newest to oldest by default.

Edit Tooltips

To edit a tooltip, click on the tooltip name in the table of tooltips. The tooltip will open in the same window used to create it.  Here you can edit it and save the changes.

Delete Tooltips

The delete function in the table of tooltips allows you to delete one or more tooltips you select in the table. 

To delete one or more tooltips, do the following:

  • Select the tooltip- To select a tooltip, click the check box to the left of the tooltip name. To select multiple tooltips, keep selecting more tooltips by checking their respective checkboxes.
  • Select all tooltips in the table - All tooltips in the table can be selected by checking the check box in the table header (on the left-hand side of Tooltip Name). Unchecking this same header check box will cause all tooltips in the table to be unchecked (NOT selected).
  • Click Delete in the toolbar - This button will delete all the selected tooltips.


Note: Your user role will determine whether or not you are able to delete tooltips.

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