How to Copy a Folder Within and Across Knowledge-Bases


When creating a knowledge base for similar services or products, some portion of the help pages is common among the products or services. ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to copy the required folder from a knowledge base and add it to a similar knowledge base.


Copying a folder to a similar knowledge base saves time and increases productivity while creating multiple knowledge bases of the same niche.


How to Copy a Folder and Add It to Other Knowledge-Base


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor


Step 1: Right-click on the folder from the Table of content and select "Copy Folder."




 A popup will appear 


Step 2: Edit the folder name to be copied.


Step 3: Select the help site and click Save.




Step 4: A confirmation screen will appear. Click OK to confirm.




Step 5: Go to Sites and select the help site.




The copied folder will appear in the Table of Content of the selected Knowledge Base.





That is all about copying the folder from one knowledge base to other.



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